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FOR OVER 100 YEARS, acreage owners and farmers have depended on Moser Well Drilling & Service!
  • Well drilling for acreages
  • Pump service & repair (all brands)
  • Well inspections (before you buy)
  • Ritchie livestock water fountains and yard hydrants
  • FREE estimates

Did You Know? — Water wells can be drilled in the city limits of Lincoln, Nebraska for the purposes of geothermal heating and cooling, and also for lawn irrigation, as per city ordinance of 1984.
Moser Well is the only water well company in Lancaster county that does the whole job—from drilling the well to installing the complete water system. This gives Moser Well the ability to control the quality of your job every step of the way. And you'll get the added peace-of-mind from dealing with only one company: Moser Well.
Need water? Call the experts that know where the water is in Lancaster county and surrounding areas.
Need better water pressure? - Call the water pressure experts at Moser Well.

Save BIG money by being an educated buyer.

Moser Well believes that the more you know, the happier you'll be with your well system. Take a moment to learn a little about wells.
Well Drilling
If you're thinking about buying a piece of land, first call Moser with your land location, and the experts at Moser will tell you about the potential water supply for your location. SAVE time and money. Call Moser Well before you buy.
Other factors that can influence the cost and effectiveness of your well include the quality of the materials and the installation techniques. For example:
  • The pump's horse power needs to be enough to do the job, but not oversized (resulting in an inefficient pump).
  • Good pumps usually come with a 5-year warranty.
  • A pump made of brass or stainless steel will serve you better than plastic or cast iron.
  • Having your plumber properly size the diameter of the interior house waterlines is critical for great pressure.
  • The physical installation can be radically different among well companies: the design of the well screen, the type of gravel pack, the installation of buried waterlines, and the method used to bury electrical lines.
Did you know you can legally bypass the city of Lincoln's high water bills by using a well for lawn irrigation? Huge savings for apartments, townhomes and condo complexes! Also, great saving for city homeowners who have extra large lawns and gardens.
Rural homeowners can save up to 50% by heating & cooling their homes using well water.
Did you know...
You can control the water level in your pond with a well? Excellent for fish and area wildlife.


Your free estimate will include TWO price plans based on different quality materials and installation techniques. This 9-page document will contain detailed descriptions along with guidelines and helpful hints for accurately comparing Moser's estimate with competing estimates.
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Well inspections: what you should know.

Before you buy an acreage with a well, the mortgage company will require a well inspection by the Health Department. This inspection isn't enough! The Health Department merely checks the water for bacteria and nitrates, and checks that the well is the legal distance from the sewage system.
What they DON'T inspect: the mechanical workings of the well system, like the tank, the pump, the electrical system or the waterflow.
Minimize costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns with a pre-purchase inspection.
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